Vander Zee

Welcome to Soul Strong.  I am humbled that you are curious about our ministry.  As Meredith and I walk in the Spirit we continue to be in awe of God’s majesty.  This ministry has been soaked in prayer over the last few years, and we are so excited about our opportunity to serve the kingdom of God and share our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As Meredith provides Spiritual Direction, I provide pulpit supply, individual and team empowerment, strategic planning, career planning and calling processing.  I am also an aspiring writer.  Over the last 20 years I have been a CEO, manager, supervisor, small business owner, mentor, coach, intern, mentee, board member, and general laborer.  Much of my faith walk has been integrated with my vocation and God’s calling in my life.  At times this integration has been mysterious to me, and truthfully He has shown me great weakness in my views of work.  God has shown me much perspective and wisdom through this journey, and I continue to grow in my faith through the practicality of the work of the gospel.

I have earned three master degrees, including a MBA, Masters in Health Care Administration, and most recently a Masters in Christian Leadership through Sioux Falls Seminary.  During my time in theological training, I developed a dissertation entitled “Christian Business for Eudimonia.”  Eudimonia is a Greek word that is often translated as human flourishing.  I love the integration between faith, work, and economics.  My great passion is the promotion of faith in the workplace, and the work of the gospel in our everyday lives.  

Outside of my salvation through Jesus Christ, my greatest blessing in life is my wife, Meredith.  Through our union in Christ, we have been further blessed with six amazing kids.  God continues to teach us about relationships through these blessings, and life has been very full within the Vander Zee house.  I am a life-long learner, and one of my favorite arenas in learning has been my role as a father.  I love this role God has bestowed upon me, and I look forward greatly to sharing my ups and downs as a father with others who are engaged in being better dads for the furthering of the Kingdom.

Meredith and I also share in ministry through marriage empowerment.  We facilitate marriage retreats and space for dialogue around this beautiful relationship God has designed.  We believe that marriage takes three, a husband, a wife, and Christ, to truly work in harmony.  

My vocational scripture is Romans 15:1-7.  I look forward to proclaiming that truth with you.  Please let me know how I can be of service.  Peace and Grace,



Joe Vander Zee

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