Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction


The essence of spiritual direction is to help people engage, explore and embrace their sacred stories in all aspects of life, during all stages of life, at a deep spiritual level using contemplative listening.

Contemplative listening allows one to be present and honor others as we open to the journey of discovering Christ in them. In contemplative listening we become aware of God’s saving love in Christ in both creation and recreation, laughter, tears.  We are led to  celebrate blessings with others, savor moments, drink deeply of the Living Water, join in the dance of the Holy Spirit and hold gently and tenderly the pain and hurt of another before God. 

By  establishing sacred community, the practices of silence, gratitude, meditation, prayer, mindful thinking, intuitive listening, insightful questioning, spiritual discerning, and compassionate examination of soul-issues,  spiritual direction enables me to walk alongside people in encouragement of their spiritual journey in its many phases.

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