Spiritual Joy Coaching

Spiritual Joy Coaching


The essence of connection that I offer as your Spiritual Joy Coach is a powerful combination of psychology and spirituality. As a mental health advocate, I bring in knowledge of trauma, addiction, behavioral modification practices and personality markers. As a Certified Spiritual Director, I offer a safe, hope based space to be renewed in mind and spirit through foundational Truths of scripture. 

Contemplative listening allows one to be present and honor others as we open to the journey of discovering Christ in them. In contemplative listening we become aware of God’s saving love in Christ in both creation and recreation, laughter, tears.  We are led to  celebrate blessings with others, savor moments, drink deeply of the Living Water, join in the dance of the Holy Spirit and hold gently and tenderly the pain and hurt of another before God. 

As your spiritual joy coach, I will increase your self awareness, connect you to obediences that unleash joy, equip you with a foundational safety of mind, body and soul and empower you with a soul level confidence that allows for fullness of life.

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