Why Spiritual Direction?

Why Spiritual Direction?

Why does someone seek spiritual direction?

People seek Spiritual Direction if they are:

Feeling distracted and disconnected from life, self, others, or God

Standing at a crossroads in their life

Yearning for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit

Questioning how the Spirit is working in their life

Longing for a space to be still and reflect on their inner journey

Seeking ways to connect with the Spirit in more intentional ways

Looking for a safe place to talk about spiritual questions and the paradoxes of life

Considering how to live a more integrated, whole, and holy life

How can Spiritual Direction assist me in living authentically?

SD provides a creative space for introspective growth and development

SD offers needed pauses when moving forward with big steps

SD explores dreams that lead to vision and possibilities

SD identifies and supports spiritual awakening

SD allows time to work through lingering judgements, limited beliefs and persisting grief

SD provides a safe place to reflect, discern and grow in spiritual leadership

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